Saturday, 7 June 2014


Plantain is one of the most loved food in Nigeria. It is a major side dish for rice recipes.The unripe ones that are green are very high in Iron while the ripe ones that are yellow are very high in protein. It can be made several ways just like potatoes...You can roast it we call that 'boli', you can fry it in several ways, you can boil it with the skin which is healthier or without the skin...the best part is that you can eat it with almost everything....AWESOME right?
We will add pictures of some of the really nice ways you can enjoy your plantain...

Boiled Plantain with Egg Sauce

Fried Plantain with Vegetable Soup

Fried diced Plantain with Vegetable Soup and Rice
Diced plantain with Noodles 

Diced Plantain with Beans and Assorted Meat
Boiled Plantain with Garden Egg Sauce

Beans and Plantain Pottage 

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