Saturday, 7 June 2014

Rice and Beans

This is a Nigerian delicacy that a Nigerian must have eaten at a point in time...You can make a pottage out of it by just adding palm-oil, seasoning, crayfish and shredded smoked fish...But i made the fast rice and beans, ate it with turkey stew...Took me back in time...Wink

  • rice
  • beans
  • salt
  • onions diced (optional)
Lets Cook...
1. Put a pot with water on heat. When it starts to boil and your beans. Add salt and onions.
2. When the beans is soft but don't allow get mushy, when its just about cooked, Pour in your already washed rice. Use a wooden spatula to turn softly and cover. Allow to cook until the rice is done.
3. And it is ready to be munched with your stew or vegetable...Enjoy

Rice and Beans with Turkey Stew

Rice and Beans

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