Sunday, 26 January 2014

Garden Egg Sauce

Been craving this for a while now, its a sauce made using Garden Egg/Egg Plant. It is a delicacy enjoyed by the south-south people in Nigeria, eaten with boiled plantain or yam...You would love this one, very easy and fast to prepare...Wink

  • Garden Egg/Egg Plant (anyone can serve)
  • tomatoes
  • fresh pepper
  • onions diced
  • shrimps (optional)
  • pomo/cow skin diced
  • crayfish
  • titus fish boiled and mashed 
  • salt
  • seasoning
  • palm oil or groundnut oil

Lets Cook...
1. Blend some of the fresh tomatoes, pepper and crayfish. Diced the remaining tomatoes. Set aside.
2a. You can either roast the garden egg on your burner to give the sauce a smoky feel, when its soft peel the skin and mash it with a blender, mortal or fork. Set Aside
2b. Or you can boil water and add the garden egg in the boiling water allow to steam for a while, take out when it is soft, peel the skin and then mash it with a blender mortar or fork. This is the most popular method. Set Aside.
3. Put a pan on heat. Add either palm oil or groundnut oil. I used little of both...Lol...Stir in the onions when it is really hot, add the diced tomatoes and stir for about 3 minutes. If your are using shrimps and pomo add it now and stir, add the mashed titus fish and stir.
4. Pour in the mashed garden egg. Stir and leave on low heat for about 10 minutes.
5. It is ready to be served with your boiled plantain or yam...I made moth because i wasn't sure which i

Garden Egg Sauce and Plantain

Garden Egg Sauce and Yam

Garden Egg Sauce

Garden Egg/Egg Plant 

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